Rosen Method Bodywork

My Rosen Method Teacher and mentor, Sandra Wooten, describes the work as, “Respectful touch allowing changes to begin on the inside and move outward at a pace that matches an individual’s own rhythm. The result is an “unfolding” rather than attempting to fix someone and make them different. It is a process of gently showing people to themselves—reflecting their true being, their integrity, and aliveness”.

Rosen Method Bodywork uses gentle direct touch to listen to the body and responsive words that allow a person to become aware of the happenings in their body and how the body reacts to everything around them. Research of this modality by Dr. Alan Fogel has shown enhanced physical health, increased body awareness, reduction of depressed feelings, anxiety, and stress: lower perceived levels of pain and fatigue, support for personal growth, and an increase in the ability to self-initiate life changes and transitions.