“When you touch one thing with deep awareness you touch everything”​

~ Thich Nhat Hahn ~​​



Conscious Breath & Awareness Breathing is one of the simplest things in the world. We breathe in, out. Given the simplicity of breathing, one would

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Massage and Energy Work

Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work WIth years of experience and education in a wide variety of massage, bodywork and energy medicine, Robbin strives to create

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Life Coaching

Recovery Life Coaching This is a person-centered strength based support for persons struggling with an addiction or strengthening their recovery. For those who wish to

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Rosen Method Bodywork My Rosen Method Teacher and mentor, Sandra Wooten, describes the work as, “Respectful touch allowing changes to begin on the inside and

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Body-Centered Psychotherapy “In our bodies, in this moment, there lives the seed impulses of change and spiritual growth we seek, and to awaken them we

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At Be Free we offer a holistic approach to provide support, growth and care that integrates several modalities in order to increase awareness of the ways the body and the mind relate and express. We invite you to come and get to know yourself more deeply. 

Sessions Offering

• Integrative Somatic Counseling 

• Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

• Rosen Method Bodywork

• Recovery Life Coaching

• Energy Medicine Incorporating Reiki, Healing Touch and Massage

• Anxiety Rehab and Breath Series for Individuals and Groups

Assisting in areas of:

• Personal Growth

• Spirituality and Mindfulness

• Anxiety and Depression

• Grief and Loss

• Stress Reduction

• Individuals in Recovery of Addiction and Family Members


Robbin Thrailkill, M.A.

Robbin Thrailkill holds a Masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy and Counseling and is a Board Certified Massage, Energy and Bodywork Practitioner (BCTMB).